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Friday, September 02, 2005

News update

One of the few sane people in america is of course Robbert f Kennedy ,jr. He is on the right track when he blame's the horrible tornado in New Orlens on Bush.
Click HERe for the link

for soe reason AMericans name there tornados. This one was named Catrina. which is American for GLobal warming.

Finally bushitler has been Remove dfrom power. the New president of US is name democrank. Thats's a pretty wierd name for a president, but all the american's are_ Insane anyway.


  • One drink per day can be good for your heart, Margo, but ten drinks before 2:21 PM lead to posts like that one and will eventually kill you.

    By Blogger quasilump, at 1:20 pm  

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