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Sunday, September 04, 2005

new eror mesage

There are unused icons on your desktop

The desktop cleanup wizard can help you clean up your desktop. Click this balloon to start the wizard.

but my desk is clean?/ can someone help me I dont want too get kicked out of the libary for breaking the internet cos then i cant update my web blog please advice

edit :ok it disapeard but now their is a new picture thingy at the bottom of the tv. its pretty small thow so hopfully they (the librery people wont notice.

as soon as these zionazi's next to me log off ther internet im am gunna switch tv's just incase


  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Caz, at 3:04 pm  

  • Off topic, but I just had to share this comment left by on my blog by a troll called Douglas Bignell:

    Jimmy you pretty little boy, you've been naughty and haven't taken up a more suitable hobby yet haven't you? Instead you've been setting up yourself for a defamation proceeding. Setting up a blog in the name of another person - a real person and one with a great lawyer too. Silly little boy - and you still get next to no-one reading or commenting on this rubbish too.

    This guy reckons *I* am Blogspot Margok!

    And he thinks I'm pretty. So flattering!

    By Blogger James Waterton, at 7:16 pm  

  • Dear Douglas Bignell,
    Just to save you the trouble Nick and I aren't Margo either.


    By Blogger Nick and Nora Charles, at 7:48 pm  

  • now ive got another headake

    hw can james be me when im already me.

    dougie leave them alone

    By Blogger Margo Kingston, at 8:21 pm  

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    By Blogger Caz, at 8:51 pm  

  • Magrok. Have you been drinking the special KoolAid again? If I were you, I'd see if that Jamie Oliver has a copy of his cookbook in the library. Turn to the R section, look for 'Roasts'. Tasty. I'd suggest it with a W for wines and perhaps a D for desserts.

    Pukka tucker. What does 'btwgxz' mean anyway?

    By Blogger CB, at 11:33 pm  

  • To James and the Marg0 Web Diary team (and any trolls who might be reading).

    Douglas Bigpants' implicit threat of defamation action is a furphy.

    It is clear to anyone with half a brain cell (that takes care of the reasonable person test) that this site is a parody (therefore subject to fair use, including the photograph). It does not lift copyright material (unlike certain other Margo sites) and therefore does not breach any laws.

    -- Emissary Nora

    Cross posted at James' site

    By Blogger Nick and Nora Charles, at 3:13 pm  

  • i Thought you were my friend nora then you go an say such aweful things about all my hard work her!1

    If i had a legal person to tlak to, im sure he would have something to say about this site being hosted by those damn zionazi Yank's. and how that wou;ld possible make any defamation claim tenu-us at best. Plus he is obvjously a big fan Of mine yet he is worried about people being confused :is he trying to insult fans of web diry?/

    but Since im the REAL magro none of this is a problem.

    By Blogger Margo Kingston, at 4:24 pm  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Caz, at 5:26 pm  

  • Margok, when you switched TVs, did the box go away? I sure hope so.

    By Blogger James Waterton, at 2:00 am  

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