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Thursday, September 08, 2005

another broken tv

this Tv at the libary is broke now. All the letters, and words on the page are leaning to the right. i am Now convinced that jon Howrad is try-ing to kill me and thw ords on the page are working for him.

by the Way, check back soon for Important News regarding: my living arangments.


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    By Blogger Caz, at 9:54 pm  

  • I'll even sweep out her cardboard box every day!

    Anything for my queen. I feel a Robert Bosler moment coming on -

    Margo has swept up the sausage scrapings and given us our arms and legs back!

    By Blogger James Waterton, at 12:49 am  

  • I'm impressed by the quantity of quality contributions we've received on the independent Webdiary to date. As you show nearly 99% of the contributions posted for publication are published. And the kudos for that goes not to us 'publishers', but to the thousands of Webdiary readers and posters who are informative, tolerant and willing to contribute. And of course to the article writers who inspire them. In my role as comments manager I thank you all.

    -- Nora

    Okay, okay I plagarised this from Deputy Editor Kerri Brown(e)

    By Blogger Nick and Nora Charles, at 11:42 am  

  • Magro i find taht tilting the Tv to the Left helps to straighetn out the words. Yuo can prop it up with one of thiose paper things they have in the library I guess thats what their for.

    By Blogger EvilPundit, at 2:57 pm  

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    By Blogger Caz, at 3:12 pm  

  • evlpundit:

    i thank for the suggestion but here At the librery they get mad when i Tilt the tv's.

    By Blogger Margo Kingston, at 7:22 pm  

  • Typical facists!

    By Blogger EvilPundit, at 4:50 pm  

  • i wuold tilt them enyway Magrok! they carnt stop you, becorse you pay tax(?) so they work for you. this meens you can tel them waht to do enytime you likck

    make them git you sum food.

    By Blogger CB, at 10:13 pm  

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