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Monday, August 22, 2005

Welcome, mate's!

G'day mate's. Welcome to the new home of margo Kingstn on line. Enjoy yoyur stay and feel free to postcomments, but not to many so i'm not to overwelmed by aproving them.


  • In the immortal words of John Inman: "You are awful, but I like you..."

    -- Nora

    By Blogger Nick and Nora Charles, at 3:26 pm  

  • Your blog is great, Margo! You're so different to those neo-fascists at the Sydney Morning Herald and the rest of the corporate right-wing capitalist pig filthy media neocons! I'll post more comments later, but I need to get a latte from Starbucks because of Bushitler.

    By Blogger Leigh, at 3:30 pm  

  • G'days margos.

    By Blogger TimT, at 3:43 pm  

  • Margot are you single?

    By Blogger Not Anon, at 5:29 pm  

  • Margo

    Tck, tck - spelling, spacing, grammar!

    I know it’s only a blog, and hardly any text, but puleeeaze, some attention to detail would not go astray, and would be appreciated by readers at all levels.

    “To” and “too” are not the same, and please fix up the spacing between words in your summary profile.

    By Blogger Caz, at 6:38 pm  

  • gd'AY Marg0 welcome to the Internet If you need any help with you are website I (Drag0) can help you I know HLTM 0k sweet

    By Blogger Drago Milovechek, at 7:49 pm  

  • Margo how overwhlemed I am that you have courageously broken free of the Zionist-controlled Fairfax media entity. Your courage and outspokeness has made you Australia's greatest national treasure. But when are you going to show solidarity with Muslim sisters by having cliterectomy?

    By Anonymous Fatima Griese, at 7:52 pm  

  • Welcome to the world of, Margo. I hope your stay here is a happy one.

    By Blogger Nilk, at 3:34 pm  

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