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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Book Report on Not Happy john

The following is a book reported sent to me by a young Web Diarist that he read to his school last week. He did this book report on my obok "not happy john" so enjoy.

Basically Not happy Jon is a book about the Prime Mayor of Australia, Jon Harrison. It is mostly about how the Us is controlling our goverment and how the Isrealians control hte world thru the media and large companies and corporations. Basically in the beook George Bush went to war because his dads friends told him to and for oil. then Enron happened and Dick Chainey got in trouble for that, so bush Invaded Afganistan to get people's mind off of Chainey (who is the Assistant President of the us. Osamma Ben Laden attacked the US in self defence because the Us was bombinb Islam holy sights. This got Bush mad so that's when he invaded Afganistan. (see above.)

Basically the book is how Bush is evil because he want's to kill all the jews, just like Hitler, which is why people say "Bush = Hitler all the time on the news. The Isrealians want to kill the jews too so they tell Bush to do certain things that will make it hard for the Jews to live. They are like Hitler too.

Basically part of the book is about how Bush and Harrison and Blair (Blair is prime Mayor of London) lied to the public and the world to get us into war. One the lies is that Sadam Hussein (he is the president of Iraq) supported Osamma Bin Laden. Sadam Hussen hated Osamma and visa versa. because Sadam was a CHristan. and Osamma was an Islam. So that part of the book is accurate because they hated each other. Plus there are rumors that Bush has some kind of hidden microphone on him at all times so his assistnats can give him answer's to imaportant questions from the press.

Basically there is alot more information in the book but the assignemnt said to do a 300 word paper and I' way over that now. But if you are interested you can read about Enron Stadium and Haliburton and MIC. And why Bush is responsbile for those.

Basically I would recomend this book to anyone especially Jon Harrison because he will wonder why he will not be relected as Prime Mayor of Australia. It is a really educational book and I learned alot from it and Basically anybody in the world will enjoy Not Happy Jon by Margo Kingston.

By Nathan Archer, age 13


  • "The following is a book reported sent to me by a young Web Diarist that he read to his school last week. He did this book report on my obok "not happy john" so enjoy."

    Basically, that's the most correct piece of prose I've seen from you in some time. Well done! I'm still curious about the royalties from Not Happy, John! If this young Webdiarist bought a copy recently, that should give you enough to buy a newspaper - see how the pros write, you'll improve even more. The paper can also double as a toasty warm blanket during those cold, cold nights on the park bench.

    By Blogger James Waterton, at 7:53 pm  

  • Classic!

    By Blogger Leigh, at 4:04 pm  

  • i suggest she see if she can employ this young chap to write her articles for her...

    they would still make more sense, and be more accurate than margo's usual ramblings, and she'll save herself from even more damage to her fast disappearing, microscopic reputation as a journalist/commentator...

    by the way, have u gotten anyone of your legions of loyal followers to come here and actually make a positive comment on your feeble efforts at this blog so far??? for obvious reasons i haven't read every page or article on this site, but i'm not getting many positive vibes from those responding??? are u sure u took the right database when u left???

    By Anonymous mark, at 11:42 am  

  • g~day mark (are you mark Latham?

    i did Not steal any data bases (what rever they are) and i resent the invicataion that i did.

    besides, a Privacy legal person told me it was ok.

    By Blogger Margo Kingston, at 2:21 pm  

  • Yeah Mark - how DARE you suggest that Marg0 did anything wrong. She only stole a database that she had prepared "before hand", in case of such emergencies - which DID transpire (WOW - she is psychic and clairvoyant!!), so all it proves is that she plans for all possible events, including the need to steal a database. She is so smart.

    AND - she stole the database so that she could use it to send out emails for "information purposes only". Which is really good, because otherwise no-one in Australia would have had any information. She is so thoughtful.

    AND - it was perfectly legal, that's why SMH asked Hamish to destroy the database. It's like this: when you legally own the property in question and someone else tells you that you have to destroy it, NICE people will always oblige; not because they legally HAVE to or anything, just because they are nice.

    Marg0 - you have so much in common with Johnny now. Some people think that Johnny has trouble saying "sorry" or admitting that he was wrong about anything – just like YOU!!

    Because you are so far above all of us, and so far above all politicians and other journalists, we don’t EVER expect you to say sorry, or to admit that you did anything wrong – not ever. I bet you have never done anything wrong in your entire life!!

    You have NO need to ever say, to anyone - I have been a total pratt, a dipstick, an arrogant diva, a conceited, self-aggrandizing air-head. You have no need to say - sorry for plotting and planning like some fucked up sorority queen with delusions about my power and influence on politics in this country, sorry that I delegate everything to unpaid volunteers and then claim that the work is all my own, sorry I can’t remember the last time I wrote or broke a story, sorry I never learnt how to type, sorry I am so supercilious, sorry that WD has not made an iota of difference to politics or the social fabric of this country in FIVE whole years, despite you telling everyone how respected and important you are. No, you will never ever have to say sorry about any of that

    By Blogger Caz, at 3:57 pm  

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