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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

oh my aking head

head hurts
pain trobbing

need medisn

who sent my this Dictionary and y do u hate me so

Tornado in New Orlens

I see that a tornado is do to strike New Orlens in the united stateso f America. I hope that as few people die as possible, But they need to realize that the tornado is a result of Global Cooling Global Warming Climite Change. And if BusHowerd had signed the kyto Proticol the tornado (prolly) would never exist.

For proof that bush Caused the tornado go to and type in BUsh and tornado .I bet you get alot of results. Which is proof that they (bush and the Tornado) are related.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Book Report on Not Happy john

The following is a book reported sent to me by a young Web Diarist that he read to his school last week. He did this book report on my obok "not happy john" so enjoy.

Basically Not happy Jon is a book about the Prime Mayor of Australia, Jon Harrison. It is mostly about how the Us is controlling our goverment and how the Isrealians control hte world thru the media and large companies and corporations. Basically in the beook George Bush went to war because his dads friends told him to and for oil. then Enron happened and Dick Chainey got in trouble for that, so bush Invaded Afganistan to get people's mind off of Chainey (who is the Assistant President of the us. Osamma Ben Laden attacked the US in self defence because the Us was bombinb Islam holy sights. This got Bush mad so that's when he invaded Afganistan. (see above.)

Basically the book is how Bush is evil because he want's to kill all the jews, just like Hitler, which is why people say "Bush = Hitler all the time on the news. The Isrealians want to kill the jews too so they tell Bush to do certain things that will make it hard for the Jews to live. They are like Hitler too.

Basically part of the book is about how Bush and Harrison and Blair (Blair is prime Mayor of London) lied to the public and the world to get us into war. One the lies is that Sadam Hussein (he is the president of Iraq) supported Osamma Bin Laden. Sadam Hussen hated Osamma and visa versa. because Sadam was a CHristan. and Osamma was an Islam. So that part of the book is accurate because they hated each other. Plus there are rumors that Bush has some kind of hidden microphone on him at all times so his assistnats can give him answer's to imaportant questions from the press.

Basically there is alot more information in the book but the assignemnt said to do a 300 word paper and I' way over that now. But if you are interested you can read about Enron Stadium and Haliburton and MIC. And why Bush is responsbile for those.

Basically I would recomend this book to anyone especially Jon Harrison because he will wonder why he will not be relected as Prime Mayor of Australia. It is a really educational book and I learned alot from it and Basically anybody in the world will enjoy Not Happy Jon by Margo Kingston.

By Nathan Archer, age 13

Friday, August 26, 2005

Back in action again

G;day, m8s! (see i'm picking up on this internet thing ;)

(here's another one. not sure what it menas, can someone enliten me? ..|..

anyway, i'm out of jail now. the officers were very rude, i have a Good mind to Complain about them. they put me in a room with what i suspect were some jews, and i simply can not abide by that. after a discussion with them o nthe control the exert over the media and world goverments they were very upset at me. Webdiarists, i was In fear for my Life?

anyhoo, the jusdge decided that due to overcrowding consernsand since I'm not a dnager to myself or others to let me go with a warning.

So now after a sandwich, shower and shave i'm back and ready to post! this time i'm using a lbirary computer. i'm really anxius to get started cos my rents due next friday! so i'm rally gunna get cracken here and whip out some post for you.

p.S Webdiary will be taking the week end off. that comma with a dot over it in the first sentence was intentional. not a mistake. if you tilt yo're tv to it's left side it turns in to a Smiling face! (i'm not sure about the ..|.. one though and they wont let me tilt the tv here at the library to find out.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Updated Ethicals Code, Part 1

Odly enough the SMh doesn't want to keep paying me for running the 1rd web-blog ever. So to show our abilty to adapt to the metamporhising world around me, i have updated my code of ethos to reflect my new prioritisiation of making enough money to eat. so hungry

My obligations

  1. I will strive to comply with the Media Alliance and Sydney Morning Herald codes of ethics, which will be in a prominent position on this site at all times. Well since netiher the Media lliance or the SMH are paying me any thing, they can go jump of a cliff. sir are you going to eat those crackers

  2. In particular, I will correct errors of fact on Webdiary as soon as possible after they are brought to my attention and will disclose and explain any inadvertent breach of my ethical duties on Webdiary at the first available opportunity. ethics smethics. i cant believe shes going to throw all that coffee away

  3. I will respond on Webdiary to all non-frivolous queries or complaints about my compliance with the codes and give a copy of queries or complaints to the online editor. compliance schcompliance. i stole an entire database of users from my previous emploier, why do You think i'D care about you're quries or complaints about me. hey an unused catsup packet

  4. I will not belittle or show disrespect for any reader's contributions I publish, or to any person who emails me. dont even read emails now see last post now i need some water to make soup with

  5. I will do my utmost to ensure that Webdiary is a space to which all readers, whatever their views or style, feel safe to contribute. If you are offended by something in Webdiary, feel free to respond. I won't publish any material which incites hatred. i will Publish anything that is against the smh, john HOward, and-or the joos that cotnrol them. sir are you going to throw that bowl away

  6. I will let you know when archives have been changed except when changes do not alter their substance, for example corrections to spelling or grammar. I will amend archived Webdiary entries to include corrections of fact and advise you accordingly. being Blessed (by guya) with perfect speling and grammer; i Will no nlonger be making corections of either type. spoon spoon wheres a spoon

  7. I won't publish all publishable emails, but I will read every one unless there's too many to reasonably do so in the time available. If I haven't been able to read all emails, I'll let you know on Webdiary. no time to read e_mails, see my last post. that ones not very clean, but i can probably rinse it off in the rest room

  8. My decisions on publication will be made in good faith, without bias towards those I agree with or am sympathetic towards. roffle and lawl. lameow? well some fat cow is using the sink in the womens thats why i'm in here instead

  9. I reserve the right to edit contributions. i Will do my best to make sure that poster's don't appear inteligenter than me. of course im a paying customer im rebuilding democracy as you know it you stupid j000

  10. I will publish most contributions made in good faith which are critical of Webdiary's content or direction, or of me. roffle, lawl, and lemeow again. put me down you jack booted thug or ill have to call hamish what do you mean he called you

anyway, when I'm freed of the tyrannical excesses of the howards police state, i'll post My Expectations Of You ahh yes stewardess will there be a meal on this flight there will excellent

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

no time to post

so much email to read ,plus this virus called norton keeps popping up on ny screen .where is roffey to come fix this for me? has anybody seen roffey?

please help

Monday, August 22, 2005

Never mind

It was actually this key called Caps Lock. But i don't wear a cap ,so i don't know why it was on.



Zombies again


my good friend pf journey recently wrote a poem about zombies. YOu can find it here.

Howard has never officialy come out against the coming zombie onslaugt. not happy, JOhn.

editing posts

can anyone tell me how to edit a previosu post? please help asap

Edit: hey this is pretty neat. I can go back and make it look like I posted something when I acutally didnt.

Tim Bliar links

Ido not apreciate others using up my bandwith especially zionist neo-con shrimpy duck supporters like timblair. Please let me know in comments if any other fascists are linking to me so i can put a stop to this as soon as possible.

Not for publication postscript: Tim, I’ll be in Sydney in two months’ time for a few days (October 26 & 27), and will have some time up my sleeve for a change; it would be interesting to meet and perhaps find out what you may not wish to say publicly

Profound statement

We have got to free our minds to use the brains.

Unless of course your a zombie, then you want to fry the minds to eat the brains.

Food for thought.

(unless of course your a zombie, then its thought fo rfood)

Welcome, mate's!

G'day mate's. Welcome to the new home of margo Kingstn on line. Enjoy yoyur stay and feel free to postcomments, but not to many so i'm not to overwelmed by aproving them.