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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The End?

Well, with the real Magr0 possibly about to be indicted for securities fraud for improper fundraising, I feel that there is nothing I can possibly post that might be funnier than the real thing. So, if you'd like, consider this post an "update" that points you to Mag's new location, now at You'll be able to read some of the funniest stuff out there, only now it'll be unintentional.

As for this location? Leave a compelling case in comments and I might turn it over to you, as I know there are some far more talented M@gr0 mockers out there. (That's assuming that anyone's still reading both this post and this blog in general.)

Signing off,
Margo Kingston

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sincerest Apologies, Dear Readers

Dear Faithful Readers of Webdiary,

I must apologize for my lack of correspondence in the previous weeks. My entire life has been altered, to the point where I don't know what is what any longer. Viewpoints and ideas previously held dear to my heart have collapsed, to be replaced by -- well, I do not know that, just yet.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

Roughly a week and a half ago, one of the library assistants was sorting some books on a bookshelf above the terminal at which I make my intermittent posts. I recall growing frustrated, at the time, at her efforts as they were quite distracting to my latest anti-Howard rant. After I over-emphasized a sigh for the umpteenth time, the assistant librarian (whether purposely or accidentally, I still do not know) dropped a hefty tome on my poor head.

When I came to, several hours later, I was at a complete loss. Amnesia had set in, as I did not even know my name, what day it was, or who the Prime Minister was. After being helped to a chair by one of the paramedics that had been called, the events of preceding paragraph were explained to me. The poor young girl was simply distraught because of the incident, and inconsolable until I repeatedly assured her that she was not responsible; that she was valiantly trying to do a job made harder by the efforts of a rude patron.

After pressing the librarians for more details, I soon learned that I had no means of income; that I had been at the library non-stop for several days; and that I had been sleeping there and consuming the heavier books for nutrition. As I learned the state of things, I grew more and more appalled, but as my derision grew, so did my resolve to do something about it.

I immediately applied for a job at a local diner, and was hired. (In the situation I was in, I felt it was more important to be making any bit of money at all, rather than remain unemployed while "waiting" for a more suitable job opportunity that may never arrive.) I have been working nearly 60 hours a week, in an attempt to regain enough money to be on my own again, as well as replace the books and computer equipment I had damaged during my stay at the library.

In the meantime, I am still staying at the library, just not nearly as often. The staff, while merely tolerant of my presence before, have seem to have lost much of their apprehension regarding my stay there, after repeated assurances that I will be moving on as soon as my finances permit.

One other point I must make is that due to my increased workload, I have not nearly the time I used to have to peruse reports of the latest actions of the politicans. For example, I heard that Mark Latham was releasing a diary in the very near future. Yet I have no desire to read the vain writings of a failed politician, as there are more important things to be done. I have, however, grown to see the attraction of a lower tax rate, as this results in more money in my pocket, where it is most desperately needed. (Please, do not take this as a request for donations, as I now feel that anything given to you is not valued nearly as much as anything you have earned.)

By the way, while writing this (seemingly interminable) screed I have had occasion to peruse past postings here. I am simply appalled at the lack of basic punctuation, grammatical, and spelling acumen displayed here, not to mention the incredibly naive points of view expressed. This humble writer must apologize for the total unreadability of the previous posts, and must ask that you not judge a person by what they have done in the past, but by what she is doing now.

Sincerely yours,
Margo Kingston

P.S. As time permits, I will be going through previous posts to "correct" as much as I can, for the sake of future readers. However, this appears to be a daunting task, as many of my writings seem to be little more than gibberish. Wish me luck.

Friday, September 09, 2005

busy as a be

g"day mates%

i have been incredibaly busy these last few days. do to the recent unagreement with my previous employer (the syndey morning harold we parted way's. this Has caused a relevation to Me in regardings to my personal finance's.

Basically i couldnt' pay rent last month on my apart-ment.

Do Not despare, fellow webDiarsits! for i have made arrangments to move Full-tIme into the library. WHEre the inter-net tvs are free and their are lot's and lot's of book's to eat. (when I get hungry.

So lets make lemons out of lemon-aid, and keep moving into this BRave new World that i Have created. Onward's, reader's!

Ps this nice man named pooce fixed the broken italis word's and letter's. un-Fortunately he had to change the hole sight theme. Hopfully no-ones to confused when they come back and visit __ its still me, Folks!q1

Thursday, September 08, 2005

another broken tv

this Tv at the libary is broke now. All the letters, and words on the page are leaning to the right. i am Now convinced that jon Howrad is try-ing to kill me and thw ords on the page are working for him.

by the Way, check back soon for Important News regarding: my living arangments.

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Priviledge of posting here

g`day, mats.

i Am looking for someone willing to pay at least $50,00 to post her'e. in return for you're money, id get to tell you what do but youd have the support of my management team of 20 19 thousand's and thousand's of expert's in billion's and billion's of subject's.

Also id be giving you the money up front so so ideas of taking it and not posting. that would violate whatever rules of ethics aI come up with at the momemt.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

new eror mesage

There are unused icons on your desktop

The desktop cleanup wizard can help you clean up your desktop. Click this balloon to start the wizard.

but my desk is clean?/ can someone help me I dont want too get kicked out of the libary for breaking the internet cos then i cant update my web blog please advice

edit :ok it disapeard but now their is a new picture thingy at the bottom of the tv. its pretty small thow so hopfully they (the librery people wont notice.

as soon as these zionazi's next to me log off ther internet im am gunna switch tv's just incase

Saturday, September 03, 2005

WeBdiary Sights of intrest

Here at Webdiary wher eI invented the web blog we donot use a blog role. instead we have what i Like to call "sights of interest. THese are sights that ,for one reason or another, you should visit if you to particpate in the Democracy that we've have create here.

Frist on the list is EVil pundint. i Have to be honest and say that I"ve not read them very much but hes the one who recomended this anti-zionist-alien_Mind-control helmet. Since Ive bought it my alien abductions have dropped nearly 20% percent.

next is caz's avatar brief's. CAz helped me out quite ab it when i First started this web blog and hamish was drving his cab and was to busy to help me.

3st on the list is a sight that evil Pundit (see one of the paragraph's above this one) has been looking for since i Started here and i'M glad to say i've found it. its given me lots of ammo to use against the bu$hitler* dronys who come to the librery to harass me. it's called, the Iraq war is wrong . Be warnd however ,it does have a few (very few) speling and gramatical errors>

Drago s
cares me.

I will Not link to Nilknarfs blog because there web blog name offend's me.

nick and nora charles site is called the thin man Returns. but i Think those may be soo sue sou fake names, so once i Figure out how to banned commenter's from posting they will be baned until they have a good rason for using soo sue sou fake names. this is your'e democracy after, all folks.

timt has figured out how to get food just by typing. so in hopes that he share's his secret with me here is Will Type for FOod.

james watertown has a blog called teh daily constitutional. just read it. (now I sond like a rebok commercial!1

martys In sight. Another one i dont ever read. I'm willing to take this web diry thing pretty far people up un til the point actual work is involved.

the drunkablog. a Man truly after my own heart. his post's here are much more readable tahn his actual blog.

leigh and cb post at western Heart. for some reason the picture at the top of There sight looks familar.

finally last and least is zionazi neo- con tim Bliar. oyu probably should n't click on his sight. because he uses slave's to do his post's and he has a commenter named (andrea who is mean nd hacked his sight and band's people all teh time.

i Will be having hamish make these into a new area called "Web diarie's sights of inerest as soon as he gets some time off from driving his' cab. until then enjoy.

Also these are the only sight's permitted to visit if you wish to be a part of the true democracy here. othwerise i will su you for every lst penny's.